How to Stream Show box to Chrome cast Using Grow box

If you happen to be a movie fanatic or a die-hard fan of long-running TV shows, you may have already heard of the Showbox app. This app is pure gold for people who seek entertainment like moves and other sources of media online. The Showbox app is available for Android and iOS. However, you can also watch the streams on the big screen with the help of Chromecast, which isn’t too hard to set up.

What’s better than watching your favorite shows, you ask? Well, it’s watching them on a large 38-inch screen instead of your mobile phone! Before you begin the process, make sure that your device and your home media systems are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This process is a bit outdated and may bug out sometimes. Also, it won’t work if you have MX players already installed on your device. So before going any further,be sure to uninstall the MX player from your device. Now, let’s get on with the steps:

1. Go to settings and enable the “Unknown Resources” option. Since GrowBox isn’t available in the play store, you will have to download and install it separately. Failing to enable this option will block the installation of GrowBox.

2. Download Showbox apk if you haven’t done it already.

3. Go to the play store and install another app named “All Cast”. This app is responsible for connecting your device to the Chromecast

4. Now open up the Showbox app and select any video that you want to play. After playing go to the Player Settings and choose “Other Player”.

5. From the drop-down list select “Watch Now” followed by the “GrowBox app”. This will redirect the stream form the Showbox to the GrowBox app.

6. Minimize it and open the AllCast app.

7. You will be presented with a list of all the available and previously saved Chrome cast players. Select the one on where you want to stream the show and sit back and relax.

8. The stream should begin on the Chrome cast device. You can control the show video directly from your smartphone.

As mentioned previously, this process has aged a bit and users have reported facing some difficulties while implementing it. Some common problems are as follows:

  1. The stream gets delayed and sometimeslags at specific intervals.
  2. The display blacks out and all you can hear is the sound. The video feed being completely cut off.
  3. Lower-end phones couldn’t handle all these apps working together and sometimes lagged out and stopped working and had to be restarted.
  4. The GrowBox app showed optimization problems with the various version of the Showbox app. They were not compatible and either of them would crash without any prior sign or warning.

The best way to counter these problems is to repeat the whole process from Step 4. It’s a bit tedious, but you can try it anyway. If this still persists, then you might want to try another device instead.

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