How to Spy On Husband’s Mobile Phone without Accessing It

Around 30 percent of individuals cheat their married partners and half of the marriages end in divorce. These statistics refer to the couples in the United States but the scenario remains indifferent in the rest of the world. So, if you are suspicious of your husband having an affair, you are more probable to be true in your doubt. Your husband seeks privacy whenever the phone rings, and deletes messages and call logs after ending the conversation. You discover makeup smudges on his shirt; find him losing interest in you and remaining stuck to his phone during his stay at home.

While communication technologies have given humans more opportunities of cheating providing chat rooms, social media, and dating apps, it also facilitates exposing the cheaters. Yes, we are talking about mobile phone spy apps. You can track almost all the activities of your husband performed on his mobile phone with a simple concealable app. Once you install that app on your husband’s phone, the app uploads the data stored on the target phone to an online account. You never need to access your husband’s phone to check out his messages or call details as you can monitor almost everything from that online account. Read on to know how you can spy on your husband’s phone using TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software.

Spy on Messages

You can read the text, multimedia, voice, and instant messages received and transmitted from the target phone. Even the deleted messages remain visible on the spy app account which means your husband cannot reveal any message from you. You can also view the phone number of the sender and receiver of those messages.

Listen to Calls

The secret calls of your husband will no longer remain secret with the spy app. You can listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls, record and download those calls as well. The name and phone number of the caller and recipient along with call duration and time will be visible to you.

Listen and Record Surroundings

The spy app allows you to remotely operate the MIC and cameras of your husband’s phone to listen to the surrounding voices and sounds. You can capture photos and record short videos to see where your husband is and with whom. It means if your husband is on a romantic date with his new love affair, you can watch and listen to whatever they speak.

Detect Deleted Photos

Similar to deleted messages, the deleted photos can also be retrieved. You can track all the photos, videos, audios and other media files stored on your husband’s mobile phone.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracker helps you know the whereabouts of your husband. It means you will get to know when your husband is in office and when he is somewhere where he should not be.

Monitor Social Media and IM Accounts

Social media platforms oil the wheels of infidelity. The spy app allows you to track social media accounts of your significant other. You can read the individual and group messages exchanged via social networking and instant messaging services. The photos, videos, and audios shared by your husband with his social media friends will be visible to you. Also, you will be acquainted with the likes, comments, followers, and followings of your partner.

In addition to above-mentioned features, the android spy app offers you many other ways to closely watch the activities of your husband and your children as well. Once you get enough evidence, you can better use them to expose your cheating partner.

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