Road Not Taken PC Game Review

Road Not Taken PC Game: Life takes many unexpected turns; failure or success at a time when the key can mean the difference between happiness and headache. The chosen path is not an adventure/puzzle game of action with elements of weight roguelike to explore that reason. Although a little disappointing, developers in cheerful Fox has assembled the artistic and absorbing experience that addressed the issues of love, loss and, finally, hope.

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Anyhow, now let’s begin on the Road Not Taken PC Game Review.

Road Not Taken PC Game

The chosen path begins not when, ranger, pushing a Blizzard hoodie and take a boat to the village of snow. The inhabitants are rare. A pair of figures walking alone through the streets and soon discovers that the Mayor waited at the eastern end of the city.

He promised the roof over his head, but in Exchange, you have to take the search for children who had lost when it comes to reaping benefits in harsh elements. Which means wandering in randomly generated areas filled with hostile wildlife and other objects that stand between you, your children and their parents.

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Gameplay is split between the two territories. In the city, talk to the locals can and learn about their stories. For example, a person can come from a wealthy family, and money is their language. Others feel the ticking of her biological clock; It seems to advance towards the future with a House and kids, but there is no guarantee that you will never find without your help.

Wandering as refugees, get involved with a character, give the currency, rice, fruits, medicine or rabbits that received. On the other hand, much more special characters are learned and history can acquire new information for your records or charm or increase power at the same time. Their relationship may inspire love, envy, or even a wedding.


When he isn’t busy turning strangers into friends, you explore a wasteland resembling a cell in prison in The Legend of Zelda. His magic stick allows you to lift objects that are near each other (up to four at a time, one on each side that connect) and upload them or dispose of them.

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All the articles that you influence can act differently when connected with precise occlusion. Many times, this kind of thing just falls into place, but sometimes fit the items well; two-spirit Orange and blue fire pits became an Apple to restore life, for example, and they incorporate some stick produces fire. When you do an experiment and it chatted with residents, you learn about other useful combination.


Not all games makes it useful, so you should think carefully before lifting. After any object that was made, not only turns to place them. On the other hand, you have to remove or load.

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The flow of activity meter next to your energy with each step of the light, except the cheerful fire, was near. You need to make sure that you do not produce unwanted matches and also be careful not to shoot something that landed near another object, you are not interested in monitoring. Mobility is also a factor since you can not pass through spaces, if you take a bunch of garbage.

The number of plans is sometimes required can be scary, especially in places that are later.

Road Not Taken PC Game

The screen in certain areas usually blocked by the barrier of the disappeared only when you make a game and sometimes not all the necessary materials by hand. In this case, you have to go back and set up the desired item from a tree, or a bag of ice, or distant wildlife or something of that nature.–and through the opening.


In other cases, can stumble the wolves surrounded by deer.Other carnivorous animals eat, and if you don’t act quickly, you can delete its chance to advance to the next screen. So that was all about the Road Not Taken PC Game review. Have something more to encounter?

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