How to Remove Blackheads from Nose Permanently Step By Step Guide

blackheadsSo..Who doesn’t hate blackheads all over their nose? Since I was 13, I’ve always had this problem (sad but true). At first, I would squeeze them to cleanse my nose, but obviously, it would get very swollen and red, and it was just painful.Later on, I got on the facial masks for pore cleansing.I applied them twice a week or so, depending on how my nose was doing. And I have to say it worked pretty well. The negative side of this method was the constancy it required, at least for meeting my standards.

Because the thing with me is that my sebum production is really high (meaning that I have a lot of blackheads), and it’s due to genetics. And I know I’m not the only one, so I’ll share with you the best method that has worked for me, and hopefully, will work for you too.

My new favorite way to get rid of the blackheads on my nose is using a comedones extractor. Yes, it’s great and cheap, and really really works! It’s been like magic to me. Step to use it:

  1. First, you want to have your face completely clean, so you should take a hot shower. The hot steam helps to open up the pores and it will make the process a lot easier
  2. Go to the kitchen and boil some water in a pot. The pot should be about the size of your face. When it’s boiling, turn off the stove.
  3. Then put a towel over your head (to concentrate the steam in your face), and carefully approach the pot.You wanna make sure you get as much steam as possible.
    *Note that it’s not necessary to do steps 3 and 4 if your shower was really hot but as I can’t bear a hot enough shower, I have to do this.
    *Once your face is super clean and your pores are nice and wide, you can proceed to the blackhead extraction
  4. Sterilize the extractor.You can do this by rubbing the ends with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol for about 30 seconds.
  5. Place the extractor over the blackhead and gently press. The extractor looks like a little spoon with a loop in the center, the loop should be around the blackhead. The movement should be gentle (so you don’t damage the skin around, and end up worse than you began), but firm enough to force the blackhead up and out of the skin.
  6. Dispose the blackhead in a piece of paper or towel, and re-sanitize the comedones extractor. This means, rub it with some more alcohol, to make sure you don’t infect the next pore you’re going to cleanse.
  7. Repeat this steps until you get the beautiful nose we all know you have
  8. Finally, wash your face with a gentle soap, and let your nose heal itself from the micro-wounds you’ve just made and that’s it! A permanent way of removing blackhead from the nose. I did it a month ago, and I still have a pretty clean nose. As you can imagine, the sebum production is always happening, but as you remove it from the root, it takes a good time for blackheads to form again. That’s the magic. I mean, if I can go without having to cleanse my nose in more than a month, most people will only need to do this once or maybe twice a year.


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