Is Omelette Healthy for Breakfast?

Is omelet healthy for breakfast? If you are having friends over and you are confused on the meal that you would prepare them for breakfast, Omelet is the easiest and sweetest meal that will have everybody appreciating it. The best part is that you would only need a few ingredients. This means that you would not have to spend much to prepare this meal.

If you are used to following recipes, then it is the time that you try out things your way.

Benefits of omelet:-

Omelet is rich protein meal. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps the body in building cells. Anybody who is not allergic to animal proteins can take an omelet. Children can take this meal because they need much energy for growth and development. What you should remember At times you might think that you do not know how to prepare omelet and yet the cooking utensils that you use are of poor quality. Take for example you use the wrong pan to make this meal. Rest assured that your omelet will overcook or instead it will eventually come out crumbled into pieces. This is due to the wrong choice of a pan to use. It is essential that you take your time to pick the right pan that will cook your meal efficiently.

How to choose the best pan for omelet

Here are an omelette pan reviews that you should go for cooking perfect omelet prepared. The best pan is one that has a thick base. Also, choose one with a handle that will not burn your hands as you cook. If you are not certain of the pan to buy, you should ask the store attendants to help you choose an ideal pan. This pan will give you the tastiest and well-prepared omelet.

How to make a perfect omelet

Preparing omelet for a single person will only need 2-3 eggs. Beat the eggs and mix them in a bowl. While doing this, you should add some salt to the mixture to add taste. For those who love pepper, this is the step where you should add pepper. Remember, the best way to add pepper is to grind it first. This will ensure that you have a smooth taste of your omelet.

The omelet can be made soft by adding milk to the mixture above. The amount of milk to add will depend on the number of eggs that you use. Once you have added milk to the mix, then stir until the entire mixture blends as one. Once you have your entire mixture ready, it is time to pour it into the pan. Before you do this, the pan should be heated moderately with oil. This will help in preventing your omelet from sticking to the pan after it cooks.

Remember, heat should be regulated. A useful trick of ensuring that your omelet does not burn is lifting the pan after some minutes and rotating the mixture using a spatula. With the help of a spatula, you should continuously check the bottom of your omelet. By doing this, you would easily know if the meal is ready. Once the mixture turns brown or forms a firm mixture that you can easily lift using your spatula, this shows that your meal prepared.


Try omelet today and realize the hidden secret and will save you time.

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