Looking for a Cloud Service Provider? Here’s a Short Guide to Help

Cloud-ComputingA Gartner Report whose findings were published in the Forbes says the public cloud services market is set to grow by 18% in 2017 alone, which highlights the influence of cloud in the world of business.  Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) alone is expected to grow by 36.8% during the same period. The same report says that on average, an employee uses 36 cloud services at work.

These numbers show that the impact of cloud computing cannot be gainsaid in the contemporary world. Even those who were initially opposed to the technology have now been taken in by the efficiency that comes with it. Cloud technology enhances performance of IT systems, boosts security, saves on operational costs, increases productivity and offers a scalable platform for your business.

Cloud services are revolutionizing business operations and for this reason, you need to identify the best cloud service provider. There are many of these providers available online and choosing the best can be a daunting task.  If you are looking for the best cloud services NYC provider, consider the following:

Consider Your Business Objectives

Don’t buy cloud services for the sake of it. Many business owners rush to buy into every trending idea in the market only to realize it doesn’t help achieve their objectives. When looking for cloud services, take time to evaluate your business and list down what you think cloud computing can help you achieve.

The best provider should take time to understand your business too and not just sell you what they offer. Make sure any provider you choose understands your business in order to deliver cloud solutions that are beneficial to your business.

Seek References

Before starting your own search, ask for referrals from other businesses in your niche. A reliable cloud service provider has positive reviews on different platforms and you will also get the same reviews from other clients. Create a shortlist from the recommendations you get and start researching the service providers to identify the best.

Total Cost of Ownership

Before buying any cloud service, make sure you understand the total cost of ownership. If you go for subscription-based pricing, make sure you get clarification about all costs to ensure there are no hidden costs. Check for fees such as subscription charges, software licensing fees, issues escalation costs and data migration costs. All these costs will help you understand whether the advertised offer is as good as it looks.

Customer Service and Technical Support

There are many issues that can arise and to guarantee high levels of uptime on your website, you need quick resolution. Look for a cloud service provider who is renowned for providing superlative customer support around the clock. Look for free technical support and try it out before signing up for the service.

Financial Health

Only work with a cloud service provider who has enough resources to provide excellent services. Such a service provider should have a solid reputation, business knowledge and technical know-how and trained personnel to deliver exceptional services.

Other things to consider include their experience in the industry, technical capabilities and processes, and security practices among others. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t rush through the process of finding a cloud service provider to ensure you find the right person.

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Lucy Jones has worked in the IT industry for the last 31 years. Today he consults for cloud services NYC. She also writes on topical issues in the industry. For more information please visit this website Americantechpros

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