Learn About The Primary Tricks Of Kick Scooters

Most people are using kick scooter as a means of short travel. When it is used only for short transport purpose there is no need to know or show any tricks. But when you go to any skate park you will see a bunch of youngsters or teenagers are performing high flying tricks. And surely you will be impressed to see all of these extraordinary flying tricks. After that, a question will arise to your mind “how they actually perform certain tricks”?How is it possible? Okay, let’s find out the mystery.

Different tricks have a different name like barspin, tailwhip,360, tail tap, tail grab etc are famous. Best way to learn these tips is to watch youtube videos. Many people are sharing their tips and tricks there in details. Definitely, videos are the best and easiest way to learn. Watch several times one trick and then practice and practice. Without practice, you never learn it. There is a proverb “practice makes a man perfect”. Like swimming and bicycling no one can learn these unless they start practice. Kick scooter tricks are same.

For some critical high flying tricks, you need to practice for a long time to make them perfect. And yes, a lot of risks is there. So, you must wear all kinds of protection gears like helmet, knee pad, elbow pad are very much essential. Otherwise, a serious accident may occur. Believe me, at first you can not do this in one chance. You will fall down several times which is going to hurt you. This is only the learning process. There is no other shortcut, smooth and easy way. So, At first Please ensure all the production gear.

Without practicing it’s quietly impossible to gain all these tricks. Practice all these tricks step by step. Surely, you are not going to get it done perfectly within a short time. You have to practice until you are comfortable with it. So, just keep continuing the practice.

Okay, now let’s discuss some primary kick scooter tricks. At first, you have to learn the primary tricks only because these are the foundation for next pro famous tricks.

Follow These Steps Carefully

  • Keep your key foot on the scooter’s deck. You need your foot to be at a 45-degree edge with the edge of the deck. The external edge of your foot ought to be straight up against the edge of the brake.


  • In case you’re consistent footed (your correct foot is right), your legs and feet ought to be moved in the direction of the correct side of the scooter.


  • In case you’re ridiculous footed (your left foot is overwhelming), your legs and feet ought to be moved in the direction of the left half of the scooter.


  • Put your other foot on the scooter deck next to your key foot. Your big toe on your dominant foot should be lined up with the notch on the inside of your other foot. The inner sides of both of your feet should be touching


  • Place your hands on the handlebar grips. Wrap your fingers surrounding the grips so you have a strong hold on the handlebars.


  • Kick off with your back foot. Utilize your back foot to drive yourself forward at whatever point you need the scooter to move. Place your foot back on the deck similarly situated it was in before.


Okay, today we want to finish here, this article is only for beginner level scooter rider. For advanced tips and tricks, we will come back with a more detailed article. You can check here scooter brands.

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