The Leading SSL Certificate Authority In the Industry

SSL certificates are a mandatory element of any online business today. Today we all know that the world is on fingertips, and everyone is on the internet, owing to this security and protection of the data has been a mandate.  And this is because there is too much happening on the web today – from bill payments to shopping, from ordering groceries to meeting friends online, everything is on the internet. Technology has become faster and better, but there are certain factors that need serious consideration when you run an e-commerce business or associated with it.  This article will start with a basic know-how on the SSL certificate, then we will talk about what are certificate authorities and then we will see the different certificate authorities in the industry.

Here we go, An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), that creates a secure channel between user browser and the website server, eventually offering you a strong encrypted information. SSL certificates are basically a digital certificate that is needed to secure all the credit card information, personal information, and the other banking details that we often use on an e-commerce website. SSL certificate, not only encrypts the communication, but it also illustrates the reputation of a website or a business over the Internet. This, in turn, gives a trust factor to the company organization.

Now Let Us See What Certificate Authority is?

CAs (Certificate Authority) are the trusted bodies and third-party entities that issue and authenticates the SSL certificate with X.509 standards. SSL Certificate Authority (CA) has the license and the right to issue the SSL Certificate for Domain or business. A Certificate Authority should be the member of CA/Browser forum, which is an organization of the browsers and the CAs worldwide.

Few major leaders who are the active member of CA/Browser forum are – Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, GoDaddy, Global Sign & Certum, etc.

What Does the SSL Certificate Authorities Do or Operate?

An SSL certificate provider (certificate authority) is liable to issue digital certificates to individuals, businesses, and organizations once they verify their identity and authenticates. It is important to mention that SSL certificate comes in an array of prices, products and levels security of the customer satisfaction. Other than this, the ease of managing the SSL certificates, managing and the issuance speed also varies.

There are many SSL certificate providers today in the market and they keep on competing with each other that competes the other to prove their metal. This article will showcase a few based on the studies and the surveys conducted by W3Techs.


Comodo is a leading SSL Certificate Authority provider that gives multiple varieties of SSL solutions. This contains single domain SSL, multiple domain & sub-domain SSL certificates. Comodo is extremely suggested for Domain, Organization and Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate that secure platforms such as E-commerce, Financial institutes, Healthcare, Government Portals, Banking, University, Social Media, etc.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate of Comodo provides security to small & medium level websites, and blogs domains. It Organization Validation (OV) SSL offers security to large and medium organizational website. Comodo Extended Validation certificates consider as most trusted and secured SSL Certificate type because to get this certificate business required to verify their authenticity. It enables browser green padlock icon and displays company name in the browser address bar, after the verification completion.

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RapidSSL is a foremost certificate authority, that has been assisting the webmasters to secure their websites since years now. Their enrollment part and the process are automated and quite swift in execution. RapidSSL is owned by GeoTrust and as mentioned above it is one of the most trusted leaders in SSL certificate provider. It usually contains two variants of certificates, One is Domain Validation to secure single domain website and second is Wildcard Certificate for subdomains. The Wildcard SSL certificate offers encryption and authentication features similar to the other SSL certificates. Nevertheless, a Wildcard certificate can also be installed to secure unlimited subdomains on a website. Buy your Wildcard SSL certificate from RapidSSL today and get secured.  The SSL certificates with RapidSSL are trusted as they provide reassurance and protection to its visitors.

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Symantec is also leading the charts and has gained the most trusted brand names in the field of SSL certificates. There are numerous renowned companies such as – eBay, Microsoft, and Amazon who relies on Symantec SSL certificates to secure their huge database. Certificates by Symantec provides the strongest encryption strength of 2048-bit and has Norton™ Secured Seal. This is an amazing feature to gain your visitors trust and confidence. The Symantec Secure Site with EV offers Extended Validation that adds additional security layer likes – the green address bar, daily malware scanning, free vulnerability assessment and the Norton™ Secured Seal. The warranty starts from $1,500,000 with unlimited server license & 24/7 support. Symantec SSL certificates endow ECC – Elliptic Curve Cryptography, which is the world’s highest level of encryption.


GeoTrust is the world’s most popular SSL security provider and is a part of Symantec Group that provides a range of SSL certificates due to which it has a huge customer base. GeoTrust started back in 1999 and today, it is the most trusted CAs worldwide. GeoTrust offers majorly three types of SSL certificates that are great for Medium or Large level organizations – those are Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate for small business, Organization Validation (OV) & Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates for the medium and large-scale enterprise. For your business to be secure from hacking risks and malware attacks, it gives an Antimalware Scanner as well.


GoDaddy has initially started with domain registration and web hosting, but now with immense success and the trust gained in these years, GoDaddy also offers SSL certificates. They offer quite economical options for SSL certificates that are available just at $69.99 – Standard (Domain Validated) certificate or get Deluxe (Organization Validated) for $89.99 for the package only. These can be customized as well, depending upon the user’s needs.

Global Sign

GlobalSign is one of the strongest and the longest survivor among the certificate authorities (CA) and is the leader in Cloud PKI identity credentialing and automated SSL certificate management. GlobalSign digital certificates are x.509 digital certificates and are trusted by all major browsers (web and mobile). Its certificates offer 2048 bit encryption and detect phishing and other hacking activities. It also gives you technical support and other after-sales services to its customers. GlobalSign offers a variety of products, and their SSL certificates are highly recommended for legitimacy and assurance.


CERTUM  is one of the oldest Certification Authority and the largest in Poland. Established in December 1998 it offers services to clients spread across 50 countries worldwide. Certum offers a good number of SSL certificates that secure your online transactions. The encryption is 128 bits that come in a one month of trial. They are cheap and comes in €23 to €299 per year.

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