Hire Cars With a Click Anywhere in Malta

car hire in malta

Technology has brought revolution in almost every field, including transportation. Earlier if you didn’t have a vehicle of your own, you had to rely on public transport only. Which at times was difficult, as it didn’t give you the option to pick and drop from point to point.

Also, you had to stick to the timing as per the availability of public transport and couldn’t plan the day according to yourself. There were chances to miss you next bus if it was raining or the train didn’t turn up to the station due to bad weather.

Such tiring and bothering days are over now. All thanks to the car rentals in Malta. Now you can book a car on hire as per your convenience anytime. Now that’s a big relief. Yes, there are other car services as well, but car rentals in Malta is one of a kind.

Facilities of car rentals

  • Convenient car rentals anywhere in Ghozo and Malta
  • Variety of cars from small size to luxury car available on rent
  • Availability of cars throughout the day with flexibility of timings
  • Licensed and registered cars
  • All the cars are fully insured
  • Fully air-conditioned, neat and clean cars with airbags.
  • Cars are checked to ensure the security of driver and passengers.
  • Economic and affordable rent for each car starting as low as $6 per day.

Now, you are getting all these facilities with just a click. Yes, no time taking calls, no visiting facilities or filling up the number of forms. You can take a car on rent by simply registering online and make an online payment using any mode of payment like credit card, net banking or e-wallet etc.

All that you have to do is fill in an online registration form with your personal details, submit your pickup location, set your return date and location and chose your car from a variety of cars like a hatchback, sedan, SUV , minivans or luxury cars, and it’s done.

Your rented car will be sent to your pickup location. You can take the car anywhere in Malta and Ghozo, while you return, the car will be picked up from your return location. So simple, convenient and hassle-free.

Unlike other car rentals that charge you hefty per hour rent and security deposit,  Malta car rentals charge you lowest fare on per day basis without any security deposit. Now you can ride to your destination without any worries. Since all cars are insured and covered for accidental damages including third party injuries or damages to the vehicle, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Benefits of hiring a car from car rentals, Malta

  • Best car rental service in and around Malta
  • Very economical
  • All makes and brands of cars are available
  • Clean and well-maintained cars
  • AC  cars with airbags
  • Cars with commercial license
  • Insured cars
  • Easy pick and drop from your location
  • Availability of service stations across Ghozo and Malta
  • 24×7 customer support for your help and assistance

Now, where else will you find such convenience and such low price? You can ride to your destination when every you like by just visiting the website.Simple!

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