Five Tips For Maximizing Your Experience In Pratumnak, The Beverly Hills Of Pattaya

The Pratumnak area located in Pattaya is suitable primarily for those searching for a condo that is close to beautiful sandy beaches but still not far from the busy Pattaya downtown. Condo in Pratumnak allows you to live in an exotic green environment, that is surrounded by tasteful houses and everything else necessary for enjoying every single stay to the fullest.

Enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

So, without further ado, let’s go through the tips to see how awesome the life in Thai paradise really is!

1) Invest loads of time in professional beach enjoying!

Pratumnak is renowned for its beautiful beaches that encourage relaxing, swimming in the sea, experiencing some fun water attractions or taking a trip with a local boat. The Pratumnak area is rather hilly so beaches are usually separated by rocks, which improves your sense of privacy. It also gives you many fishing opportunities, should you desire to catch some tasty fish yourself. After that, you can just head back to your Pratumnak condo and prepare your catch in a genuine Thai way.

Pratumnak BeachPratumnak Beach (Source:

2) Local sights are an excellent way to truly experience Thailand

The greatest jewel in the Pratumnak area is undoubtedly the Big Buddha Temple which is located on top of the hill together with a huge statue of sitting Buddha surrounded by lesser statues that are telling the story of his life. Visiting this place is often quite a magical experience that offers an unmistakable atmosphere.

Big BuddhaBig Buddha – Pratumnak, Pattaya (Source:

Another great spot to visit is a park depicting Chinese history. You can visit places dedicated to Bodhisattva Guanyin, great Lao Tzu or you can even visit a Chinese sanctuary.

3) Pamper your senses with exquisite Thai cuisine and beverages

There are many restaurants and cafes on top of the Pratumnak Hill and all of them have only the best reputation. Prepare yourself for delicious coffee, tasty mixed drinks with exotic fruit or fresh seafood prepared in the genuine Thai way.

Seafood Seafood – Thai cuisine (Source:

4) Be active and enjoy the fascinating view

A running track goes along the hill for one and a half kilometer, offering a spectacular view of the whole city together with a challenging activity. If that is not enough, there is also an outdoor gym nearby so you can exercise properly and still enjoy the view. If you would like something more relaxing, we can recommend playing some golf as golf courses are very popular in this area.

5) Enjoy the feeling of having your own Pratumnak condominium in the Beverly Hills of Pattaya

Pratumnak, being one of the most prestigious areas in whole Pattaya, is then often known as the Beverly Hills of Pattaya. This is caused primarily by the whole Pratumnak area being planned and build as a Royal Residence which guarantees constant development and swift tending to municipal matters. Recently, a huge number of condos for sale have been built in Pratumnak. The condos are in big demand for two main reasons.

Apart from being an awesome place for spending some quality holiday time (see some of the reasons above), they also offer an interesting investment opportunity (this is popular by both foreign investors and local Thai ones). Considering the rapidly diminishing number of available condos for sale in Pratumnak, a rise of prices is expected soon. This is caused by the depletion of building plots available for more construction – Pratumnak aims to keep its ‘magic’.

If you desire a comfortable holiday condo in Pratumnak completed with a close access to great beaches and nearby Pattaya downtown, Pratumnak area is the right one for you. It is also one of the calmest and safest areas with a good access to international schools which make it a great choice for families with small children who consider staying for longer periods of time.

We at Pratumnak Real Estate base the quality of our services on a long time grasp of local estate market combined with a pro-customer approach. We would be honored to help you with finding the most fitting condo according to your ideas and budget. Do not hesitate any longer and visit us so we can fulfill your holiday dream.


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