Enhance Your Bedroom Décor with the Five Star Hotel Bed


Many of you are quite impressed with the way the bed is arranged in any Five Star Hotel. Nothing could be more relaxing than coming home to a cozy bedroom with a beautifully decorated bed. You simply would enjoy the feel of a king-size mattress that is layered with nicely folded coverlets, with sheets smoothly pulled tight and piles of pillows neatly arranged on the bed. No other feeling could be as luxurious and cozy as sinking into such a bed. So, it is time to pep up your bedroom décor. Here are a few ways to beautify your bed that would be a lavish change from the usual home bed.

Organize All Your Bed Linens

The quantity and style of linens that you would be using would depend mostly on the kind of bed you have and the overall décor of your bedroom. However, here are some of the linens that are commonly used in most homes.

  • Mattress pad with an elastic edging
  • Coverlet or Throw
  • Quilt, duvet or comforter
  • Pillowcases
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet
  • Blanket
  • Box-spring cover or Bed Skirt (optional)
  • Accent pillows (optional)
  • Two standard pillowcases
  • Two European pillowcases ( non-compulsory)

Use the Iron for Creating the Perfect Look

Many of you hate the idea of taking out the iron and pressing your bed linens. But if you wish to live and relax in style, you need to start ironing your linens because nicely ironed linens are supposed to be crisp. You would require something innovative other than the standard ironing board as it would be too small for handling bed sheets and bed covers. You could use a large plywood sheet or a foldable table instead.

Centre and Nicely Straighten YourBed Skirt

This is optional provided your style of bed does not require it. However, in the case your box spring seems to be exposed, you could consider investing in an appropriate box-spring cover. Centre the bed-skirt and arrange it properly in place. The edges must be even both at the sides and the foot. You should use some inconspicuous pins to put it securely in place.

Make the Mattress Pad Smooth

Your bed would not only look bad but also feel uncomfortable if the bottom layer is not nice and smooth. The mattress pad often becomes lumpy and they have a tendency to bunch right at the center of your bed. Elastic edges are quite useful but to hold them securely in place you may use safety pins all around the edges at the bottom. You may alternatively use corner fasteners.

Tuck Your Fitted Sheet Nice & Taut

The sheet should be tucked tightly beneath the mattress. You may use sheets that are known to use the effective celliant technology for sleep optimization. Just like the mattress pad, you could use corner fasteners for keeping the sheet in proper place and preventing it from creeping inward.

Drape with Care the Flat Sheet

You need to center your flat sheet making sure that there is an equal overhang on both sides. You should go about aligning the top edges of the mattress and the sheet.

Place the Blanket Properly

Place the blanket like a housekeeping expert. You should be pulling it down slowly from the mattress top instead of pulling it up from its bottom. Make sure both the side edges and the bottom edges are placed evenly with the bed sheet to the extent possible.

Tuck in the Blanket and the Sheet Together

You must start by holding the long edges of both the blanket and the sheet together away from your bed. Pull the edges on top of your mattress at a 45-degree angle from the corner. Lifting the mattress swiftly slide in the bottom edges of your bed linens underneath it. Lastly, go about tucking the side edges neatly under the mattress.

Conclusion: the Final Touches

Now that you have set the bed linens properly in place you could beautify your bed by adding a puffy comforter or a cozy quilt or a soft duvet. Spread it evenly over your bed. Layer your pillows. Put the pillows for sleeping against your bed’s headboard. Then add the European pillowcases. Then use the bolster and throw pillows. Finally, use a coverlet and position it graphically right at the foot of your bed. After all this effort, you need to relax and take a nap in the splendidly done up bed.

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