How to Cook with Ceramic Cookware Safely: Step by Step Guide

Ceramic Cookware SafelyNowadays many people are starting to realize to cook food by using a healthy and environmentally friendly cookware. The family is the main reason why they do this, that is the intention to always serve a delicious and healthy food for the family. In addition to paying attention to the ingredients of the dish itself, one way to cook a healthy but still delicious food is paying attention to the equipment used. Ceramic cookware is the tool that enables this. Ceramic cookware can be used to cook food that is safe and healthy but does not reduce the delicacy that exists. Also, it is very friendly to the environment. However, even though ceramic cookware meets all these requirements, it does not mean you can override and ignore things like how to cook with ceramic cookware safely. If you are a collector of ceramic cookware, then the information regarding the history and methods on how to use the best ceramic cookware below is suitable for you. Let’s check it out together.

A Glimpsed History of Ceramic use globally

As a beginning to understand deeply about ceramic cookware, we need to know the history behind the ceramic use for cookware. The history of ceramic use for cookware has been recorded for thousands of years in ancient Chinese and Greek culture. Both of these nations have used pottery as a cooking tool. At the beginning of the 17th century when countries around the world were still using pottery or ceramic cookware, Europe and America had begun to replace it with aluminum or metal-dominated cookware. However, in the era of 1960, the awareness that various human habits actually affect its natural surrounding began to emerge, including in the habit of processing and cooking food. People’s perspective began to change especially in Europe and America which put forward the security, health, and environmental friendliness. So, gradually the use of ceramics for cooking equipment became popular again.

Points of Concern When Cooking Using Ceramic Cookware

There are various types and forms of ceramic use for cooking utensils, from frying pan to saucepan. In addition, there is also a variety of innovative equipment made of ceramics to support cooking activities. However, there are things that remain to be considered when using ceramic cookware. It should be at least known so that we understand what is and should not be done when using ceramic cookware for cooking. Among them:

1. Use a fire with an appropriate temperature for cooking with ceramic cookware

The first thing to consider when using ceramic cookware in cooking is trying to avoid the use of a large fire when starting a cooking activity. Ceramic cookware takes a long time in terms of heating food compared to cookware made from metal or aluminum. So, light a small fire when you first turn on the stove, then place the ceramic cookware on the stove. After a while, then increase the fire gradually until it reaches the heat you want to use. In addition, always remember the basic rules in cooking that if cooking utensils are dry, start with a small fire, but if there is water in it, place the cookware over a large fire. While cooking, it is better to use a medium fire due to the high temperature of a large fire can damage the layers of ceramic cookware. Even if you continue to use a large fire, the surface of ceramic cookware can be destroyed and the most dangerous is a potentially toxic gas vapor can be generated. Because poisonous, even birds can die when inhaling the gas.

2.  Avoid using aerosols to spray different types of vegetable oils

Another thing to note regarding how to cook with ceramic cookware is to avoid using aerosols containing cooking oil or olives. If you often make a cuisine by using aerosol spray, you should pay attention to this. These habits should be avoided as this can cause fat buildup in ceramic cookware due to its stickiness. In addition to the stickiness, a variety of vegetable oils other than olive oil such as soybean oil and the like cannot be absorbed perfectly by cooked food when sprayed. So this is what can cause the rest of the vegetable oils attached to ceramic cookware. Where if the remaining sprayed vegetable oil is attached, it will be very difficult to clean and eventually the substances that are likely to harm health can be generated. When this happens already, you can use a special cleaner for ceramic cookware.

3. Avoid support equipment made of metal

In addition to the above points, try to avoid using a variety of metal support tools on ceramic cookware. This is because support equipment made from metal can scratch the ceramic cookware. It is better for you to replace it with an equipment made of rubber or wood such as chopsticks. Another thing to avoid is also the use of cleaner made of corrosive chemicals. This is because the material can damage the ceramic cookware you have in terms of beauty and function.

4. Seasoning before cooking

Some dishes are sometimes seasoned when cooking utensils are being used for cooking. It’s different when you cook using ceramic cookware, it is recommended to season the dishes when the equipment is not yet used cooking. Why is that? In addition, to make the ceramic cookware more durable, cooking activities will become much easier. Also, avoid the habit of leaving an empty or contained ceramic cookware for a long time on a burning stove. You must also not cutting food on the surface of ceramic cookware or avoid using a mixer or shaker in ceramic cookware.

5. Cleaning ceramic cookware properly

One last thing worth noting regarding ceramic cookware is the proper selection of ceramic cookware cleaner. There are many ceramic cookware cleaning products that you can choose in supermarkets and online shopping sites like One of the popular brands you can use is Lemon CIF Cream. Lemon CIF cream is suitable for cleaning ceramic cookware because it is friendly to the environment.

When you start cleaning ceramic cookware, the thing to be aware of is to let the various ceramic cookware to match the temperature of its surrounding room after used for cooking, then cleaned. To be safe, once again choose a cleaning product made from safe and environmentally friendly ingredients. You can choose CIF Cream Lemon for this. This cleaning product is known to be quite effective and versatile in overcoming all dirt, stains, or food scraps on ceramic cookware.

That’s the step by step guide you can follow on how to cook with ceramic cookware. By following the instructions above, you can cook food safely using ceramic cookware.

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