The Common Causes Of Lyme Disease And How To Stay Protected?

Lyme DiseaseLyme disease is caused by the bacteria called Borrelia Burgdoferi. This bacteria causes the disease in humans after they are bitten by a tick infected with the bacteria. This tick can cause infection in animals and livestock as well. The size of this tick is so small that it cannot be detected by the naked eye easily. You may not even feel the bite as the saliva of this tick contains a substance that eats into the skin and makes it numb. This is why you cannot feel the bite at all. In fact, the infected tick that causes Lyme Disease is the size of a sesame seed. Scientists state that nymphs attack humans over adults as they are hard to see and can be even smaller than the scale of a sesame seed.

What are the symptoms of Lyme Disease?

Most people suffer from early symptoms of Lyme Disease in the form of flu, muscle pain, fatigue, pain in the joints, sweats, nausea, and tiredness. Some patients may suffer from a condition that is called Bell’s Palsy. This is a symptom where you may suffer from facial drooping. Patients suffer from a rash that is shaped like the eye of a bull. However, there are cases where people develop no rash or a different kind of rash.

Detection of Lyme Disease

If you do not conduct a test for Lyme Disease soon, it might turn fatal. The disease spreads to parts of the body and starts to affect one system. The ELISA test is the first test that is recommended by doctors to detect Lyme Disease. It is important for you to know how to interpret ELISA results with the help of your doctor. He or she will explain whether you are tested positive or negative for traces of the bacteria.

How to stay protected from Lyme Disease?

The following are some tips on how to stay protected from Lyme Disease-

  1. Wear long-sleeved shirts or tops when you are hiking in the woods. Make sure you wear long pants. Keep them tight at the wrists, ankles, and waist.
  2. If you are in areas where Lyme Disease is at risk, ensure you go in for regular medical check-ups.
  3. In case, you find a tick that is feeding on you or a pet, ensure you resort to safe tick removal methods.
  4. After being in the woods or garden, check your clothes for ticks.
  5. Use a good insect repellant when you are traveling in high-risk regions
  6. Do not entertain deer from coming into your yard- they are the primary carriers of Lyme Disease causing ticks
  7. Ensure your pets are tick free. Take them to vets frequently for check-ups.
  8. Keep your yard or garden free of dead leaves, bushes, and piles of wood.

With the aid of the above simple tips, you can ensure that Lyme Disease causing ticks are kept at bay. You will stay protected and keep your pets safe too.

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