BankBazaar – The Financial Goodie Bag

Money makes the world go round. In today’s world, operating without money is impossible. However, earning is not enough, one should also know how best to spend as well as save money. Doing so will help one lead a good quality life and provide the best for loved ones as well. Therefore, knowledge and information about the right kind of financial tools to use are highly essential. 

Today, individuals can avail and enjoy a plethora of products and services such as credit cards, debit cards, loans and others that can make life easy and also bring out the best in it. However, as simple as these products are to understand, misusing them can result in the individual’s finances going for a toss. However, customers need not fret for there is one app that aims to simplify the use of various financial products and provides information regarding the same as well.

Unbox all financial goodies with the BankBazaar Mobile App – Download Now!

Presenting…the BankBazaar app! Created out of the need to help individuals compare and apply for different financial products, BankBazaar comes with features and benefits that enable customers to select products and services that are suitable for them. This simple yet interactive application comes with a plethora of features and advantages that will help any novice become a financial wizard in no time. This app is an extension of the much loved and award-winning products that are available on the BankBazaar website.

The BankBazaar app is loaded with a number of products. Some of these include financial news to keep one up-to-date with the latest occurrences along with information about gold and silver rates in various Indian cities. One of the best features of this app is the loan EMI calculator. Generally, individuals are not sure regarding the loans that they wish to avail as they are unable to find out how much they’ll have to pay. With this app, one can calculate the amount of EMI that will have to be paid approximately. Additionally, individuals can apply for loans, compare different products such as credit cards and insurance and check their eligibility for loans as well.

Earning is not enough, one should also know how to manage their earnings as well. The BankBazaar app helps individuals plan their finances better through tips and option to track one’s finances and track all transactions.

  • Customers can view their accounts and the balance in each account along with the last five transactions that were made.
  • Instant quotes can be availed regarding premiums and interest rates.
  • One can check gold and silver rates and set alerts in case there are variations in the price.
  • Individuals can find MICR codes, IFSC codes along with the addresses of all Indian banks.
  • Customers can also track their application status on the BankBazaar app.

Additionally, by using the BankBazaar app, customers can enjoy exclusive deals, promotions, discounts and other exciting offers.

The BankBazaar is available on iOS and Android app stores and can be downloaded for free. This app combines the best of the website along with other exciting features for customers.

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