Appealing Mediterranean Lifestyle Of Croatia

Croatia is a land so full of marvelous natural wonders and intriguing cultural gems that many travelers return to its golden sea shores every year and several also end up making the glorious country their home. The laid back Mediterranean lifestyle that allows one to soak in the pleasant sunshine at the beaches and to admire the natural beauty of the region is what appeals the most to the visitors. A chance to live in the lap of nature, surrounded by majestic monuments from the medieval times, lively street markets with an old-world charm, and the music of the sea that rings through the air, is a rare opportunity provided by this enchanting nation. Here are some of the fascinating aspects of Croatia that make it a wonderful place for living.

Relaxed Coastal Way Of Living

Cro Coast

Croatia is a kingdom of rustic fishing ports, pristine beaches, and quaint seaside towns where life moves at a carefree and relaxed pace. The Croatian lifestyle will allow you to enjoy the enchanting scenery at the sea shores for hours and to saunter through the seafood markets without any rush. You can also settle down at a local cafe with a cup of coffee to observe the local artists painting at the town square and the merchants going about their daily activities.

Makarska is one such harbor town that offers a sun-drenched bay, medieval churches, and serene monasteries, while the island of Korcula is another peaceful location where you will find rustic houses, sprawling vineyards, and quiet beaches. For those who need some respite from their fast paced lifestyle, moving to these destinations is the best way to embrace the refreshing coastal way of living.

Great Climate And Pristine Nature

The country is blessed with a pleasant climate that is marked by clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and a cool breeze almost throughout the year. The gorgeous weather can be best enjoyed in the sunny town of Hvar and on the island of Brac that also has ideal conditions for windsurfing. Croatia is also extremely famous for its stunning natural diversity, as is displayed by the national parks of the country in the form of majestic landscapes and breathtaking flora and fauna. Be it the gushing waterfalls of the Krka National Park, the turquoise blue lakes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park or the spectacular marine life at the Kornati Islands National Park, the offerings of each national park are unique but equally mesmerizing.

Strong Cultural Background


Over the centuries, Croatia has nurtured various mighty civilizations, the remains of which can be found throughout the country. Some of these untarnished relics from the past include the awe-inspiring 1st-century Roman amphitheater at the city of Pula, the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and the opulent villas and fascinating sculptures at Opatija. The Croatian culture has preserved the traditions not only in the form of these monuments but also in the lifestyle, and annual carnivals are held in various cities for the celebration of the cultural roots of the locals. This wonderful fusion of traditional elements with an urban lifestyle can be enjoyed at very few places on the globe. Croatia offers this fine blend of history, modernity, and nature that makes it a beautiful home for everyone.

Affordable Expenses Of Living

The cost of living is fairly reasonable as compared to most of the European nations. For example, real estate in Croatia is pretty affordable and basic amenities such as food and transport are also reasonably priced. Therefore, Croatia is perfect for those on a budget who are seeking a new home. Even though you get to live in an amazingly beautiful environment, with delightful views and a comfortable lifestyle, you will not have to worry about your expenses. This is why several tourists end up investing in real estate in Croatia and make this glorious nation their permanent home.

If you are someone who is planning to move to a different country then Croatia is an attractive choice due to all the joys of the coastal lifestyle that it provides. The resplendent greenery, the rejuvenating sea breeze, and the historical treasures can be enjoyed on a daily basis if you move to this alluring nation. So if you are a fan of the Mediterranean way of living then do consider making Croatia your new home.

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