8 Important Health Benefits You Get Just by Playing Softball

player fitnessSoftball is a simple game that is played mostly by women, especially girls. Like other games, softball offers numerous fitness as well as health gains to players. Staying in good shape is among the most obvious benefits but there are a whole lot more. If you are considering becoming a softball player, here are some of the health benefits you can expect to reap:

It develops upper body muscles:

Softball players engage their shoulders and arms more as they play. The muscles in these parts of the body play a major role as the players swing the softballs and throw them. The muscles in the upper body including the triceps, forearms, biceps, rotator cuff and deltoids develop more as they provide players with the power they need during swinging, pitching and throwing softballs during play time. All this action leads to the development of a player’s upper body muscles.

It builds self confidence:

Playing softball has a way in making a person feel good and more confident about herself both socially and mentally. This is because the game allows players to practice and improve on their playing skills. Gradually, they achieve their goals on the game and this boosts their self-confidence. As a sport, softball also goes a long way in reducing stress which enables players to resist social pressure. In many cases, long-term friendships are created and sustained in the field as players learn to depend and trust each other.

It improves anaerobic strength:

Softball is a vibrant game that is packed with explosive action. It involves throwing balls, hitting them with softball bats, jumping and taking fast lateral movements. It also requires players to exercise some acceleration and throwing power. This means their body strength needs to be high. All this action develops muscle strength and endurance for players which is beneficial to their physical health.

It improves body flexibility:

Softball requires a lot of flexibility because a lot of movement is involved during the game. As a result, players develop flexibility in areas that would otherwise remain tight if the player remained inactive. Softball players tend to become flexible in muscle areas such as hamstrings, chest and calves. This flexibility reduces the risk of players getting injuries as they pitch in the game. 

It conditions the entire body:

Unlike other sports, softball requires players to develop different sets of skills in order to cope with various elements of the game as they play. The game is structured in a way that players engage in running, throwing, swinging and fielding. All these activities lead to the conditioning of a player’s entire body as they play. This is because to participate in all the activities, all the muscles in the body of a player have to coordinate well.

It improves mental health:

Studies show that playing offers mental health benefits to persons who engage in it. Like many other sports, softball offers mental health benefits beyond the physical one. As they engage in physical activities, players are able to relax their minds on the field as they play. This relaxation is beneficial to the mind, just like walking or running.

It tones muscles in the lower body:

Softball requires players to engage in the batting process using the best softball bats as they play. Batting causes players to generate power from the core and the legs. A player’s oblique muscles that are located on the sides of his or her abdomen contributes to the rotational aspects of throwing and swinging motions. All these activities result to well-toned muscles in the lower and middle body areas, making players more fit.

It helps develop leadership skills:

Softball players get opportunities to lead teams and socialize. This enables them to develop important leadership skills including team work and communication. As they work with trainers, coaches and teammates, players learn to work with others to achieve goals. Players learn to share a common vision then trust and rely on each other to achieve that vision. They learn to appreciate corporate effort and realize that contribute of each member matters when it comes to achieving goals. This is an important skill in the real world where working with others to attain set goals is a key to success.

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