8 most Creative Marble Home Decoration Ideas

marble ideaUsing marble to decorate home or office has a countless number of advantages over wooden and other floors. You can create hundreds of design patterns with the marble. And the polished marble floor looks extremely good. The marbles really adorn your floor and they are cheaper than glass and wooden floors.But in the last few years, it seems that the demand for the marble flooring has fallen by the wayside in the interior designs.  The reason is the lack of creative ways for using marble for home decoration.

But it is making a comeback in the world of interior designing with new marble decoration ideas introduced by interior designers around the world. In this blog post, we will tell you about these new modern day marble home decoration ideas.  Just take a look.

  1. Using Marble In Small Doses: The interior designers these days are using marble in small doses to create a statement piece unlike the past when they would use marbles everywhere to overwhelm the eye. It gives a classic touch to your beautiful home decor and at the same time creates a modern look.
  2. Delineate The Space: To make it look organized and less confined and stuffy, the interior designers delineate the space. Marbles are usually arranged in columns. The straight edge columns with few decorative touches give your office a more industrial Feel. To Separate The Spaces, One Can Make Use Of The Modern Day Marble Columns.
  3. Use Marbles Only for Walls or Floor: Some interior designers in the past used to cover both the floors and the walls in marble, but that used to make it look cold and stark. But the modern day interior designer uses small dose of marbles to give a classical feel to the decor. You can add a pinch of luxury marble to your kitchen, dining room, bathroom or living room, it will add a luxurious feel to your home decor. marble for floor
  4. Marble Furniture: Nowadays the concept of marble furniture is flourishing fast around the world. The use of the best-designed marble pieces makes an excellent stuff for your furniture. The marble furniture is sturdier and stronger than the wooden and glass furniture hence lasts for a lifetime.  So you should never hesitate from investing in the marble furniture. It is better able to withstand the harsh weather conditions than another kind of furniture.marble furniture
  5. Kitchen Counter Tops And Sinks: You can have a marble dining table in the living room, Kitchen counters made of marbles and a coffee table in the garden made of marbles. Because of its natural water resistance property, the marble stones are considered best for the kitchen counter tops and sinks. The marble Countertops and the Marble sinks add shine to your kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Construct Marble Bathtub: If you want to sense the beauty and elegance of Marble, then use design marble pieces to construct marble bathtub. It will give you a feel of ancient Goddess or God having a bath in the tub.
  7. Exterior Designing Of Your Home: Not just interior designing, you can make use of the most creatively designed marble pieces for the exterior designing of your home as well. The fountain made of exclusively designed marble pieces gives a classic decorative touch to your garden. The creatively designed marbles are the best choice for the handrail. The reason is its extreme durability and the ability to withstand all the weathers.
  8. Toilet and Shower Cabin: Moreover, you can make use of creative marble pieces in the toilet and for the construction of the shower cabin. You can’t imagine that feeling when one touches a marble floor while taking a shower. We have not enough words to describe that feeling.

The decoration with marble gives your home, office, hotel or restaurant the most elegant flooring styles. One more important benefit of marble flooring is that it is more durable than wood and glass floors. It has the ability to withstand the harsh conditions like external pressure or acidic conditions.  The polished marble floor adds a shine to your office, home, bathroom, living room and kitchen. You have marbles available in a variety of designs, designed creatively by the modern day interior designers.

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