5 Things to Clean in Your Home before Winter

Winter is fast upon us and there’s no better time than now to start with your seasonal cleaning. True, nobody is a fan of spending hours in de-cluttering, scrubbing and cleaning, but it still must be done, and the sooner you do it, the sooner you get to enjoy the fruits of your work. If you’re reluctant and don’t know where to start, we might have some insight –here are 5 things to clean in your home before winter.

1. Refresh Your Carpets

As the holidays approach, you can be sure that there will be a lot of guests in your house practically daily, which is a lot of fun, but also, a lot of dirty work after the party is over. One of the things to get over with before it gets really cold and busy is to deep clean your carpets. Vacuuming them will suffice for the most of the year, but steaming or shampooing them, and then letting them dry outside is still a must once in six months. Not only will the clean carpets give the entire house a fresh look, but you’ll make sure that it’s not full of allergens, mildew, unpleasant odors and dust mites, which is invaluable for your health.

2. Down the Gutter

If you live in a house, then keeping the gutters clean is one of the more demanding jobs you have to tackle every now and then. Cleaning them before the winter chill strikes will make the maintenance of the entire house much easier, and you won’t have to climb up to the roof when everything is frozen and ridiculously slippery. If you’ve got trees in your yard, make sure that all the leaves are down and then get down to cleaning. You don’t want to face the overflowing clogged gutters in the middle of the winter so take care of it in a timely manner.

3. Do the Deep Cleaning of the Kitchen

For better or for worse, you’ll be facing a lot of cooking and baking in the next several weeks, so it would be wise to have your kitchen prepped and spotless for the undertaking. This particularly goes for the equipment and appliances, your oven and stove included. Scrubbing the oven clean could be somewhat of a hassle, but there are many cleaning products that you can use that will give instant results. You can also combine some baking soda and white vinegar if you want to steer clear of chemicals. After you’re done with the stove, reorganize cupboards, clean the counter tops and you’re ready to cook your way into the New Year.

4. Out of the Closet

When in doubt, throw it out, or at least this should be your motto when it comes to cleaning your closet. Whether you’re moving your summer clothing out for the season or you want more space in your closet, the pre-winter cleanup is a good time to rethink what you truly need in there. While you’re at it, wipe down all the surfaces in your closet to remove the dust or any dirt that got stuck in there throughout the months. There will be more space for your winter clothing, plus everything will be freshly cleaned so that you don’t have to worry about your closet until spring.

5. Clean the Furnace and Mantelpiece

If you have a furnace or mantelpiece in your house, make sure to get them ready for the cold days before the freezing temperatures arrive. Since the mantelpiece will be used frequently during those chilly nights, make sure that everything is in top shape. It might be a good idea to hire a chimney sweep if you hadn’t done it in a while. When it comes to your furnace, be sure to change the filter every month and keep it clean and ready for the long weeks of work. Though it might be messy work, the good news is you can always hire someone to help you. Cleaning staff and maids can be found with a few clicks these days, and if you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to check helpling.com.sg/maids or other top-notch cleaning services out there.

Clean now to be carefree later is a good policy and it will help you avoid needless stress when all other work in the house piles up. So get to it, and you will enjoy the holidays to come in a spotless home.

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