5 Best Skincare Mobile Apps

Beautiful skinWhat good is a tool if it’s not around when you need it? Your skin goes with you everywhere, and your best tools for promoting beautiful clear skin should be on hand as well. Mobile apps have increasingly powerful ways of putting the advantages of modern technology right at your fingertips for getting the best in skincare. Here are the five best mobile apps available for your skincare needs.


The RYNKL app is designed to track your wrinkles over time. Almost all skincare treatments promise to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles, but how can you be sure they’re working? It may look like your wrinkles are reduced in the mirror, but is that really true or just wishful thinking? The RYNKL app lets you track the appearance of wrinkles, so you can compare before and after treatments to get a real measure of their effectiveness. RYNKL is available for Android and iOS.

Think Dirty

You care about the ingredients in the products that you use, but so often the ingredient list is a mind-numbing jumble of confusing words that remind you of why you’re glad chemistry class is behind you. The Think Dirty app puts the power of informed choice in your hands by providing you an easy-to-understand breakdown of the item’s ingredients and their potential impact on your health. Simply scan an item’s barcode with the app and choose more wisely starting today. Think Dirty is available on iOS.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

One of the most preventable areas of damage to your skin is exposure to UV rays. The Wolfram Sun Exposure app gives you a personalized forecast of how long you can stay in the sun before you burn. Enter information about your location, your skin type, and other factors, and the app will provide you with the SPF you should be wearing, a forecast of UV conditions for your location, and a UV forecast map. The Wolfram Sun Exposure app is available for iOS only.


Dermcheck is not only a great skincare app, it may be at the forefront of medicine in the 21st century. If you have a skincare question that may require a dermatologist to weigh in on, get answers quickly without making an appointment with this app. Send in your question, even submit photographs of your area of concern, and the app will connect you with one of 26 dermatologists who are certified and able to answer your questions. If your condition requires a prescription, they can even submit it to your pharmacy electronically for you to pick up at your convenience. Dermcheck is free for download on iOS or Android, but consultations cost $39.95.


CosScan brings together many features of other skincare apps in one useful app. Answer a few questions and CosScan analyzes your skin type and any conditions you might have. Snap a picture of the ingredients list of your skincare product to find out if they are good for your skin. Find out the extent that ingredients pose a risk with their categorizing system and receive a personalized report on whether the product would be a good match for you. CosScan is available on iOS and Android.

Put the latest technology to work for you with one of these apps to promote healthier skin starting today.


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