The 5 Best Car Tracking Devices for 2018

Car Tracking Devices

If you are a driver or you own are car, you must agree that you spend most of your time in your car, whether it is a truck or a normal car, but cars are commonly used as they help you when moving around.It is good to know the safety of your car in a real-time basis and that’s why purchasing a GPS tracking system is helpful to every driver and car owner. Today, almost everyone thinking of installing a GPS system, in their car can buy it on the market.

Maybe you might be asking yourself why you should buy a GPS system, but you need to know that there are numerous reasons why GPS system is helpful. If you are a business owner, a GPS system will help you to monitor your employees and drivers as well as tracking your fleet of vehicles. Just imagine the days when there were no GPS systems in place, drivers could go for their own trips when it was business hours but how could you tell that. Employees on the other hand could spend their time doing their own things instead of working on their projects. This leads to low productivity.

For families, having a GPS system in place means taking care of your elderly parents or their children as they drive their parent’s cars. With a tracking device in place, you can also recover a stolen car. Find out about Uber driver requirements.

Although the market is flooded with numerous car tracking devices, one need to do enough homework so as to ensure you buy a good quality tracking system.

Below is a list of top 5 car tracking devices for 2018.

  1. Spark Nano

This is the first car tracking device in our list and is the top rated system on Top Ten Reviews as it is less complicated when it comes to fitting. Moreover, this tracking device is designed with a web-based interface. This tracker allows you to install a geofence that transfer a text whenever the tracker goes in and out of the location limits. This tracker is inexpensive, and it is easy to track where the car has been from a PC or smartphone.

  1. Zoombak Advanced A-GPS

This tracker is also easy to set up and can use the car battery or operate using own power. Like the other trackers, the Zoombakcan provide a real-time car tracking using a website and send texts if and when the car goes out and inside the location limits known as the geofence.

  1. Escort Entourage PS

This is our third car tracking device which is recommended for it’s capable of providing visual monitoring. This system is movable, but there are other models that can be fixed into a car. This tracker also comes with features such as geofencing. The geofencing feature helps to alert whenever the car leaves the location limits.

  1. Garmin GTU 10

The fourth tracker is the Germin GTU 10 which comes with a one-year payment. This tracker is affordable when compared with other trackers. This car tracking device also comes with a geofencing feature that helps to send notifications whenever the car goes in and outside the location limits.

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