10 Tips on How to fix your WIFI connection problems

wifi routerWIFI connection is the most popular and in-demand internet services for homes and companies. It can manage to cover the entire working area and it can be shared across multiple devices. Using a WIFI connection zone can increase the flexibility, deplete the operating costs, and improve the efficiency rate of the households, freelancers, companies, and employees.

However, WIFI connections have also some limits when it comes to speed, duration, and range. There were times when there’s a sluggish or lost connection while you’re working. This is really a serious matter to take an action and you must resolve these issues by knowing these basic troubleshooting guides.

Check Your Internet Speed Using an Analyzer

Use a speed test analyzer as the best way to measure the speed of your wireless internet connection. The speed analyzer can display the upload, download, and ping data necessary to portray the strength of your connection.

Some of the popular speed test with reliable features includes SpeedOf.Me, Speed.io, Testmy.net, Speed Test, Bandwidth Place, and more. You can try these speed analyzers every time you check your connection. Use at least two preferable speeds test analyzers for an accurate result.

Check Your Router’s Internet Settings

Regardless if you’re using a separate modem and router or a router combo, you should know how to navigate the settings of your device to boost WIFI speed. At any given rate, there were times when the internet connection slows down depending on several factors.

As a basic solution, hover on your internet settings and enable both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz to allow your IP address to enter in a safe channel. Make sure to add encrypt passwords to prevent leechers from using your WIFI connection to their advantage. Also, always change your password regularly, at least once a month to prevent hackers or seeders to detect your network.

Test the Location of Your Device

This is a common mistake to most WIFI users as to the location of their routers. You can test the location where to position your router and observe if it can speed up the connection. Otherwise, if the result is unfavorable, then try to relocate your device again.

Position Your Router on a Higher Place

As a general perception, you can boost the internet speed of your router by placing it on an elevated surface. In this way, it can detect data and allows the network to run in a smooth and efficient manner. You can put in on top of the cabinet, upstairs, or any wooden high surfaces.

Keep a Distance from Electrical and Magnetic Interference

As much as possible, place your device away from any electrical and magnetic interference. These interference can distort your internet connection. Do not place it on top of any electrical devices, metals, and any electric conducting unit.

Check Your Ethernet Cable

For an overall check, you should take a look at your Ethernet cable if there are any damages on the cord or wiring. Usually, a broken cable can cause distortion and lost connection. You can always buy an affordable Ethernet cable connector just in case you have to replace your old Ethernet cable with a new one.

Check the Connected Users

As we all know, WIFI connections address the many users’ needs and it often covers many connected users. To temporarily disconnect a user from automatically connecting, you may visit the admin panel and block the selected user. This is also to monitor if there were any unknown connected users on your network. To prevent any user from automatically connecting, you may change your passwords regularly, at least a month to disable any unidentified users.

Unplug the Device and Restart

You may also restart your router and test the speed of your internet. If nothing happens, unplug the device and wait for around 1 minute to restart it again. Thereafter, you can check if the speed changes dramatically. Otherwise, you may refer to the last two options for a more satisfying experience.

Modify the Channels

By navigating the settings of the device, you can check on what network type, GHz measurement (5 GHz or 2.4 GHz), and detect any connected users. Enabling both the GHz settings will help the users choose a reliable channel without any populated users. As the saying goes by, the lesser the users connected to the network, hence the higher the possibility to have a stable, strong, and a high-speed internet connection. As an example, if you use the internet during midnight to dawn, mostly the internet connection will be faster. Unlike during the day, many employees and households were using their internet simultaneously, in which the effect might slow down the speed of the internet. As a bottom line, visit any channels with least connected users to experience a high-speed network experience.

Consider Buying a Quality Router

If all above conditions are met yet brings an unfavorable result, you may consider buying a new router or WIFI extender. Usually, old routers were becoming obsolete and inadequate to work efficiently. In this case, you can able to speed up the internet and replace your old router as well.

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