10 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

burn 100 calories.Did you overeat? How to get rid of those extra calories. With movement, fun, and constancy you can lose weight, almost without realizing it.

I walked 15 blocks.

On average, you need to run or walk about 15 blocks to burn 100 calories. The faster you cover that distance you will get better results. A good idea is to use a treadmill, or treadmill, that helps you figure out the distance while you exercise. Or a pedometer, which is a device in the form of a pocket watch, which counts the number of steps the person takes and the distance traveled. At a regular pace, walking 15 blocks will take you about 2 thousand steps.

Do not sit, swing!

Soles spend more than 2 full hours sitting? Then change the chair from your desk to a gymnastic ball. It will help you burn about 50 calories per hour since it makes you exercise all your muscles, from the smallest to the most important, just sitting.

Perform a short and intensive exercise routine.

A super-intensive 15-minute daily exercise routine will make you lose 100 calories. A good recipe is to combine five minutes of climbing on the treadmill, best recumbent bike or elliptical; two minutes for bicep flexes, triceps extensions, lateral and vertical elevations (ideally, several repetitions with low weight); then continue with five more minutes of training alternating running and walking on the treadmill. Finally, spend three minutes strengthening the lower muscles with squats and lunges.

Are you thirsty? Make sure the water you drink is cold.

The liquid that you include in the hydration of your day should not take it from a “sips” as if it were soup. But you should swallow it quickly and almost icy. Drinking 8 glasses of water scattered throughout the day will help you to make an impact on your metabolism that will make you spend 25 calories per glass. When the liquid is cold, your body has to make a greater effort to warm it. And so they burn more calories.

Make a treat with a hot drink.

In addition to getting used to filling your stomach with cold water, calm your anxiety with a good cup of hot coffee or green or black tea. This type of drinks stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and helps in burning calories. Drinking three vases of tea a day causes your body to burn between 78 and 106 calories.

Do not stay still.

Shake your day! I move your legs and hit your feet while you are sitting at the desk. Do you talk on the phone for long periods? Do not sit down. Get up and walk through the office. Keep moving and in one hour you will have burned up to 100 calories.

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Give an opportunity to household chores.

Cleaning the house can be hard work. Any activity you do with concentration and for more than half an hour will allow you to burn 100 calories. The most recommended are:

– Wash dishes for one hour.

– Vacuum or wax the floor for half an hour.

– Cook for 55 minutes.

– Ironing clothes or shopping for an hour.

– Charge a small child for 40 minutes.

Animate to jump.

Always have a rope by hand. In your car, in your wallet or in the drawer of your desk. When you have a downtime … jump! Jumping for ten minutes causes your heart to accelerate and your whole body begins to work. You can burn up to 100 calories.

Dance like nobody’s watching you.

If you had a heavy lunch, or tonight you have a birthday and you know that you are going to overeat, I turned up the volume of the radio and danced without stopping. As a result, you will have burned all those extra calories in just one 20-minute dance session. And if you have a baby or small child dance with him in your arms and the calories will disappear even faster.

I went out to play.

Your children can help you generate the best exercise for your body. Playing with them to throw a ball for more than half an hour, ten minutes of skating, 15 minutes of races in the pool or the activities proposed by the interactive video game consoles will make you lose 100 calories. If children are small, spending half an hour playing hide and seek or hammocking it up and down to the floor will help you burn 100 extra calories. Nothing better than to listen to your laughter as a reward for your effort.

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